Awaken your sense of smell and your tasting skills with our aroma recognition training kits

The Wine Aroma Wheel By Aromaster

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Praised by Master of Wine & Sommeliers

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Aromaster kits have been designed by wine and whisky educators to provide references to students practicing blind tasting exercises.
Complementary tools to whisky and wine appreciation, our kits are the perfect gift for wine and whisky lovers and for those who wish to sharpen their tasting skills.

The skill to accurately name aromas you perceive

The Whisky Aroma Wheel by Aromaster

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Praised by Whisky Makers & Distillers

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The precision of our aromas has been praised by industry experts (World Best Sommelier, Master of Wine, Master Sommeliers, Whisky Distillers and Blenders).
The quality of these aromas will remain the same for at least a decade if you make sure vials are closed properly after being used and not stored at direct sunlight.

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