Bethan Morgans

/ Testimonials

Firstly I’d like to mention how luxurious the packaging is, the presentation box really looks the part in our tasting room. The kit has a wide variety of aromas (far more than kits we have used previously) and all being relevant to the whisky making process, whether that be desirable aromas or off-notes. There’s a manual inside which includes the origins of whisky, something that would definitely be useful for new starters in our Visitor Centre. There’s also an aroma wheel which includes information for whiskies, which is useful for understanding the characteristics of other brands. The quality of the aromas themselves is also something that will assist me with my training as the aromas are authentic and strong smelling. Overall, I think the set will help me develop my nosing and tasting techniques further as well as developing my knowledge of the industry. I look forward to using the set as part of my ongoing training.