Florence PHILIPPE – Speech and olfactory Therapist – Trainer

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Speech therapist and trainer, specializing in olfactory rehabilitation, I use odorants from various families with my patients who have lost their sense of smell or have persistent olfactory distortions following a Covid infection or a head injury (or for other reasons, as the loss of smell did not unfortunately appear with Covid).

I also use odors in my rehabilitation sessions with people for whom I aim to establish functional nasal breathing, with autistic children, or with patients who have eating-related oral issues.

Olfactory therapy is useful and recognized by several studies with patients in neuro-geriatric or neurology settings to stimulate or restore memory, language, and communication.

Aromaster’s scents are quite suitable for this work as they are close enough to reality that patients can make good sensory memory evocations. The goal is to stimulate not only the olfactory receptors but also the brain networks, as olfactory rehabilitation must also be cognitive.

Bad odors (wine faults for oenologists) are useful for working on distorted odors that are very difficult to recover in some patients.

This material complements my “toolbox” in olfactotherapy for even more effective treatments!