Master Whisky Aroma Kit

88 whisky aromas

    Master Whisky Aroma Kit – 88 whisky aromas

    The Master Whisky Aroma Kit is the world’s most complete whisky aroma collection, which combines 88 aromas found in various whiskies produced around the world.

    The Kit is a whisky tasting educational tool and a friendly game designed as a library of whisky scents.

    By using this whisky aroma collection, you will gradually develop your whisky tasting skills allowing you to identify techniques used by the maker, the wood used for maturation, the age of the whisky…etc

    Aromaster kits are the result of a collaboration between two sensory experts: Mitsuko Asakura, Japanese aroma artist, and Arnaud Mirey, French Michelin Star Sommelier, Wine & Spirits educator, Ambassador of renowned Whisky distilleries and Cognac. About us

    The quality and the precision of our aromas have been recognized by world experts and whisky lovers (see testimonials).



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    Whisky Aromas Game

    May the best nose win!

    With your friends and family, develop your sense of smell while having fun.

    The board game included in the Master Whisky Aroma Kit allows players compete on their ability to identify whisky aromas by travelling across whisky producing countries.

    Includes four creative metal bottles sculpted by jewelry artist, Yves Lemay


    Master Whisky Aroma Kit


    Prices are all taxes inclusive
    (VAT, GST, Customs taxes)